Children's Shows

We have a wide selection of family fun shows available for children of all ages!

These shows are perfect for Shopping Malls, Holiday Parks, Family Fun Days, Birthday Parties, Theatre's and much more!

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The Magic Of Mary Poppins

The Magic Of Mary Poppins Tribute Show - James & Murphy Productions

Charlene has been a professional 'Mary Poppins' look-a-like and performer for almost 15 years!

Not only does she look and dress the part, but she sings and sounds like the real thing too! Making her 'practically Perfect in every way'!


Her and her best friend 'Bert' and the all singing, all dancing Chimney Sweeps will show you how to 'Chim Chim Cher-ee'

in this 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' show!


Songs Include....

* Jolly Holiday

* A Spoonful Of Sugar

* Feed The Birds

* Step In Time

* Practically Perfect

* Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

* Trip A Little Light Fantastic

* Anything Can Happen

Performance Timings - 1 x 35 minutes

Sharjah Book Fair 2019
Sharjah Book Fair 2019
Sharjah Book Fair 2019
Sharjah Book Fair 2019
Bert & Mary
Mary & Bert
Meeting Mary & Bert
Mary Poppins
Global Village, Dubai 2015
Mary Poppins Tribute
Magical Mary!
Movie Mania Show Dubai 2014
Chelsea, London
Birthday Party, Chelsea, London
Broadway Spectacular
Bert & Mary
Full Show
Mary Private Party
Bert & Mary
Mary Poppins Tribute

Be Our Guest!

Be Our Guest - Beauty & The Beast Tribute Show

Meet the beautiful 'Belle' and all your favourite characters from the classic fairy-tale 'Beauty & The Beast' with our own adaptation of this beautiful and magical show!

Sing and dance along to some great, fun and popular songs!

Featuring stunning costumes and incredible West End quality performers!

So 'BE OUR GUEST' and join us for a 'Tale as old as time'

Performance Timings - 1 x 35 minutes

Be Our Guest - Beauty & The Beast Tribute Show
Beauty & The Beast Muscat Eat 2018
Belle & The Prince
Mrs Potts & Lumiere
Beauty & The Beast Stage Show
Belle & Beast Bahrain GP
Beauty & The Beast Cast 2018
Beauty & The Beast Cast
Beauty & The Beast Bahrain GP
Beauty & The Beast Bahrain GP
Beauty & The Beast Cast Bahrain GP
Be Our Guest Bahrain GP
Beauty & The Beast Bahrain GP
Be Our Guest Dancers Bahrain GP
Potts Lumiere & Beast
Mrs Potts & Lumiere
Belle & Beast

Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure Stage Show - James & Murphy Productions

Climb aboard and join us for a Sing-a-long, Sway-a-long, Swashbuckling Adventure!


Meet the mischievous ‘Captain Blackheart’, His first mate ‘Pretty Polly’ and their ‘All Singing All Dancing Shipmates’ as they take you on a journey through the stormy seas in search of the famous hidden treasure, stopping at various ports along the way to experience the local delights and festivities!


This ‘panto’ style show features a fabulous cast of performers with: Sensational Singers! Dynamic Dancers! Crazy Comedy! Awesome Acrobatics! Spectacular Speciality! and a special visit from some furry friends!


Don’t miss this fabulous Family Fun Show!

Performance Timings


This show can

be performed as either a

30 minute, 1 hour or 2 x 35 minute show

Pirate Adventure Stage Show
Bahrain 2016
Pirate Adventure Stage Show Tour 2016
Bahrain 2016
Cannon Ball Juggling Pirate Show
Sweet Sal, Captain Blackheart & Pretty Polly
Pirates Backstage Oman 2015
Pirate Adventure Oman 2015
Pirate Show Al Mouj, Oman 2015
Pirate Themed Aerialist Performer
Bahrain Grand Prix 2012
Pirate Singers & Dancers
Bahrain Grand Prix 2012
Pirate Can Can
Bahrain Grand Prix 2012
Bahrain Grand Prix 2012
Pirate Girls
Captain & Sinbad Oman 2015
Poster Image
Ping & Pong
Pirate Adventure Stage Show Tour
Pirate Adventure Stage Show Tour
Pirate Adventure Stage Show Tour
Brave Bill
Pirate Adventure Stage Show Tour

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


There’s no place like home when this magical family production tornado’s in to your town!


Join Dorothy and her canine companion Toto as they’re whisked away to the ‘Merry Old Land of Oz’ in search of the ‘Wonderful Wizard of Oz’


Follow Dorothy and Toto on their journey along the yellow brick road as they meet some new friends along the way including the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Glinda the good Witch!  But beware of the Wicked Witch who will stop at nothing to get her hands on those sparkling ruby slippers!


Starring an international cast of talented performers! 


So click your heels together hire this dazzling production featuring some of your favourite songs from the classic movie and more! ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’………When 'dreams really do come true'


This production can be performed with either backing tracks or a fabulous live band!


Performance Timings -

1 x 60 min

2 x 30 min

or full 2 x 45 minute theatre show



Wizard Of Oz Theatre Tour
Wizard Of Oz Cast, Al Mouj, Oman
Dorothy & Scarecrow Oman
Wizard Of Oz Oman 2016
Oman 2016
Dorothy Oman 2016
Wicked Witch Oman 2016
Oman 2016
Cowardly Lion
Amazing Audiences! Oman 2016
Glinda & The Wicked Witch Oman 2016
Theatre Tour 2015
Theatre Tour 2015
Cowardly Lion
Oz Girls! Dubai 2015
Some of the cast Dubai 2015
Dorothy, Tin Man & Toto
Theatre Tour 2015
Wizard Finale
Wizard Cast Dubai 2015
Theatre Tour 2015
Wizard Of Oz - Global Village Dubai
Theatre Tour 2015
Tin Man & Scarecrow
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Theatre Tour 2014
Seef Mall, Bahrain
Seef Mall, Bahrain

Aladdin & The Magic Lamp

Join the handsome Aladdin, the beautiful Princess Jasmine, the magical Genie of the Lamp and the evil Jafar as they take you on a magical journey!


This all singing, all dancing show also features an array of popular songs, stunning dancing girls and sensational live vocals!


This show can be hired as either a 30 minute or 45 minute show which is perfect for shopping malls and family events in the UK and Worldwide. 


This show has recently performed at the Dubai Global Village as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival celebrations.

Aladdin Al Mouj Muscat
Aladdin Cast Backstage Oman 2019
Aladdin Oman 2017
Aladdin Cast Backstage Oman
Aladdin Cast Oman 2019
Aladdin Mall Of Muscat
Aladdin Oman 2017
Aladdin Oman 2017
Jafar Aladdin Oman 2017
Princess Jasmine
Aladdin Oman 2017
Aladdin Oman 2017
Aladdin Oman 2017
Lamp Dancer
Dubai 2015
Oman 2016
Aladdin MGM Mall Muscat
Aladdin MGM Mall, Muscat Oman
Aladdin MGM Mall
Aladdin & Jasmine
Jafar & Genie Dubai 2015
Jafar Dubai 2015
Princess Jasmine Dubai 2015
Dubai 2015
Dubai 2015
Jafar & Dancers

Pirates and Princesses

Join Captain Blackheart and his motley crew aboard the 'Enchanted Adventure' in this all singing all dancing, fully interactive, Swashbuckling Show!


Sail with them to some far-off places and meet some beautiful Princesses who may hold the secrets to the golden treasure!


Suitable For All Ages

Running Time – 1 x 45 minutes

                                 1 x 60 minutes


With stunning costumes! And Performed by a sensational cast of international performers! Featuring an array of popular, well known songs for you to sing and dance along to!



Pirates & Princesses
Pirates & Princesses
Pirates & Princesses
Princess Belle
Pirates & Princesses
Pirates & Princesses
Pirates & Princesses

Dance Dollz

Dance Dollz - James & Murphy Productions

Sing, Dance and Jump along to all your favourite nursery rhymes with our very own cute and colourful  'Dance Dollz!' 

Join them as they teach you all the moves!
This mini interactive show will have your tiny tots fully entertained!

Suitable for children aged 2 - 5

Dance Dollz Oman 2019
Dance Dollz
Meeting Fans!
Dance Dollz Bahrain GP 2018
Meeting Lewis Hamilton!
Dance Dollz On Stage
Meeting Fans!
Dance Dollz!
Dance Dollz
Dance Dollz On Stage
Dance Dollz Bahrain GP
Dance Doll Sapphire!
Dance Dollz UK
Meeting Fans!

Mad Hatters Dance Party

The Mad Hatter Tea Dance Party - James & Murphy Productions

Meet The Beautiful Alice, The Fluffy White Rabbit and The Evil Red Queen as they join the Crazy Mad Hatter for one of his famous tea parties!

* Mini Interactive Show

* Roaming Meet & Greet Performers

* Stunning Costumes

For more information please contact us 


Red Queen & Mad Hatter
Alice, White Rabbit & Queen Of Hearts
Alice In Wonderland Performers, Shopping Mall, Oman 2019
Alice In Wonderland Performers
Alice In Wonderland Performers
Queen Of Hearts, White Rabbit, Alice & Mad Hatter
White Rabbit
Mad Hatter
Queen Of Hearts
Wonderland Performance
Alice, Queen & Hatter
Queen Of Hearts


Join our storyteller and live actors bringing this enchanted story to life before your very eyes!

Discover the beautiful Princess Rapunzel with her long glowing hair!  And follow her journey from birth to adulthood  locked away in a tall tower by who she believes is her Mother.

Will she ever escape? Who will save her?

This magical, musical show will have you mesmerised from start to finish!

Suitable For All Ages

Running Time – 45 minutes


Performed by a sensational cast of international performers! And featuring some wonderful singalong, popular songs.




Rapunzel Cast
Story Teller
King & Queen
Prince & King

The Greatest Movies Show

A children's version of our hit show!

This colourful concert style production brings together our incredible West End quality performers, performing a selection of songs from your favourite family movie musicals!

Be Our guest

Tale As Old As Time

Friend Like Me

A Whole New World

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Circle Of Life

Spoonful Of Sugar


Trip A Little Light Fantastic

Let It Go

Love Is An Open Door

Into The Unknown

You Can't Stop The Beat

Under The Sea

Part Of Your World

Mother Knows Best 

When Will My Life Begin

All In This Together

This Is The Greatest Show







'Cinderella' will forever be one of the greatest Children's stories ever told.  And this show brings this classic rags to riches fairy tale to life in front of your very eyes! 

Join our storyteller as he introduces you to some magical, larger than life characters in this pantomime style production, featuring some fun singalong popular songs the whole family will love!

Running Time - 35 - 40 minutes

                         OR 1 x 60 minutes


Cinders & Buttons
Wicked Step Sisters
'You Shall Go To The Ball'
Cinders & Prince Charming
Fairy Godmother


Coming Soon!

© James & Murphy Productions

Wonderland Performance

Alice In Wonderland Performers, City Centre Malls, Muscat, Oman